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Exploring the different tastes of Coventry CBD Flower

Taste of CBD Flower: How it Compares to Real Weed

You can’t get away from the rise in popularity of CBD flower as an alternative to traditional weed. As demand increases, so to does the questions that people have about CBD Flower. Over the course of this blog post, we will answer some of the questions we get asked from our customers in Coventry about how CBD weed compares to “real” weed.

There are various factors that come into play when we talk about the flavours experienced when consuming both types of cannabis plant. Here, we are going to try and compare the two and how they are either similar or different

One of the biggest differences between traditional weed and CBD Flower is the ratio of THC (psychoactive compound) and CBD (non-psychoactive) content. When smoking or vaping flower, people will feel that typical “high” associated with THC, this feeling doesn’t typical happen with CBD. You may feel a bit of a “head rush” but this is due to you inhaling more than there being anything psychoactive. Think of it a bit like that first coffee of the day that perks you up. The lack of THC in CBD flower can directly impact how one perceives the taste of it.

Taste of CBD Flower Coventry

Both CBD flower and its THC counterpart consist of many many strains all with their own unique flavour profiles. This is thanks to their wide range of terpenes and flavonoids and how they are structured. As an example, some weed strains such as our OG Kush possess strong earthy tastes, whilst others err more towards a fruity or sweet taste. Similarly, some other strains of CBD bud, such as Skittlez may lean towards a floral or citrus taste, some even have a more subtle woody flavour. All of these flavours vary from strain to strain in both the THC and CBD version of both plants. It’s therefore impossible to say that CBD and THC strains of the same genetics have the same taste. As ever, the best flavour is all about personal choice

Exploring Terenes in CBD Flower and their impact on flavour

In a previous post we spoke about how Terpenes play a significant role in the flavour of CBD Flower and CBD Pre Rolls. As an organic compound, terpenes contribute to not only the taste but the smell too. Terpenes are found in more plants than just CBD and as with CBD they dictate the smell and taste of the plant

Taste the Terpene difference

Terps create unique tastes and smells across pretty much all strains by interacting with the other components present in the plants such as the cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN as well as flavonoids within the plant. There are over 100 distinct terpenes in CBD and THC which all interact differently and their combinations all give a unique final tasting product

Terpenes. The differences between CBD Flower and THC Flower

The main difference between the two types of plant of course lies in their THC and CBD content and concentrations. Terpene profiles can often be shared across various strains of both marijuana and hemp plants. The implication of this is that if you’re used to a flavour of a particular strain of THC, you may find that it’s CBD counterpart is very similar in smell and taste, owing to the fact they share a similar terpene profile

How cultivation techniques and quality control affect CBD flowers taste

Putting natural components to the side, CBD Flowers quality can be greatly influenced by how the plant was cultivated and processed. This can mean that whilst strains may share similar profiles, the way they were cultivated can lead to small differences in taste and appearance. The same follows for the processing side. How a plant is grown, harvested and cured all come into play when we look at the differences between the two plants

Grow Method

One of the most surprising ways which can affect the final product is how the plant was grown. Organically grown plants may produce not only a higher yield but also have a different taste to its hydroponic or chemically grown counterparts

How the plant is harvested.

The flavour of both authentic cannabis and CBD flower is directly influenced by the precise timing of their harvest. If harvested prematurely, the plants may exhibit an underdeveloped terpene profile, resulting in milder flavours. Conversely, overripe plants will produce distinct tastes. 

The curing process is another critical factor that significantly shapes the final taste of the plant. A poorly-cured batch of cannabis or hemp may show as dampness, a lack of aroma or flavour, harsh smoke, or even traces of mould. These deficiencies can significantly impact the overall experience and enjoyment of consuming both authentic cannabis and CBD flower.

It is evident that various external factors play a role in shaping the overall taste profile of both CBD flowers and genuine cannabis. Recognizing these variables can empower users to make informed decisions when seeking specific taste experiences in their purchases.

Taste Testing: The Best Way to Compare CBD Flower and Real Weed Flavours

The absence of one-size-fits-all answers regarding whether CBD weed tastes like real weed directs interested consumers towards personally exploring various types of strains from both of these plant categories. By sampling diverse options, one can better understand the unique characteristics each strain possesses in terms of flavour, aroma, and experience. Taste testing can provide individuals with insight into what they genuinely prefer and assist them in making more informed decisions about future consumption.

In conclusion, optimizing your personal preferences in the often-overlapping realms of CBD flower and marijuana lies within the realm of trial and error. Acknowledging and experimenting with varying terpenes, cultivating techniques, and individual strains enables an informed decision-making process while selecting enjoyable taste profiles that cater to each user's desires.

The proofs in the pudding…or the taste

There is no definitive answer about whether CBD weed shares the same taste as real weed encourages interested consumers to embark on a personal exploration of various strains from both plant categories. By sampling a diverse array of options, individuals can gain a better understanding of the unique characteristics each strain offers in terms of flavour, aroma, and overall experience. Through taste testing, individuals can acquire insights into their genuine preferences, aiding them in making more informed decisions about their future consumption.

In summary, the optimization of personal preferences within the often-intersecting realms of CBD flower and marijuana involves a process of trial and error. Recognizing and experimenting with different terpenes, cultivation techniques, and individual strains facilitates an informed decision-making journey, allowing users to select enjoyable taste profiles that align with their specific desires.

As always, we are here to answer your questions. Feel free to drop us a line if you want to know more about CBD flower and finding the right strain for you. Whilst we don't have a physical store in Coventry, we are UK based and deliver all over the UK. Head on over to our shop to see all of our CBD Flower, Our CBD Hash and even our HHC selection

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