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CBD Flower strains in York what’s the best one?

Choosing the right CBD Flower Strain in York.

With so many CBD buds to choose from, it can be hard navigating the CBD Flower world and knowing what’s the best strain to go for.

Understand the Basics of CBD Flower

Before we get into specific tips for choosing the right CBD Flower, it's vital to have a solid understanding of what CBD Flower actually is. Whilst both hemp and marijuana plants produce CBD, we will be looking at hemp-derived CBD as they are considered legal in the UK if they contain less than 0.2% THC

Evaluating Levels of Cannabinoids

One important aspect of finding the right CBD bud is paying close attention to its cannabinoid content. These levels in a flower can have an impact on its effect, but what exactly are we looking at?

Percentage of CBD:

CBD Flowers potency will depend on its CBD content percentage, make sure you choose one that aligns with the results you’re looking for. As an example, if you’re new to CBD Flower or looking for mild affects you may want to start with a lower CBD percentage of 12-18% If you are already experienced with CBD and are looking for something stronger, then keep an eye on strains with a higher percentage such as our Pink Starburst CBD Flower

Presence of other cannabinoids:

CBD may be the headline act of the CBD show, however other cannabinoids are present in the flower and play their own part in the overall impact and effects. As an example the presence of CBG or CBD, even the trace amounts of THC all play a part and contribute to something called the “Entourage effect,” which is where all the cannabinoids work together for potentially enhanced benefits

Analysing Terpene Profiles

What we describe as flower and taste, when it comes to CBD weed, is caused by the plant's terpene profile. These are natural compounds within the plant that affect aroma and flavour. Studies have shown that terpenes also contribute to the entourage effect and may have their own health benefits too. When it comes to terpenes, a few things to consider…

The scent and taste:

Terpenes are responsible for giving each strain of CBD flower its smell and flavour. There’s no right or wrong answer here, this is all personal preference and ultimately rests on what you prefer. Some people seek out gassy profiles where others prefer a more fruity taste and smell. One things for sure, we have plenty of options to choose from.

Potential effects:

As touched on earlier, some research suggests that terpenes may have their own therapeutic properties, potentially influencing the effects of the flower. If you’re after a particular effect such as relaxation or focus, consider looking for strains that compliment what you’re looking for. 

Look for High-Quality CBD Flower in York?

As with anything you buy, quality matters when buying CBD Flowers. To make sure you’re getting the best for your money consider the following points:


We can all spot a website that doesn’t seem quite right. Whether you buy from our shop or any other, make sure you’re comfortable with ordering through the website and that everything seems legit.

Cultivation methods:

In an ideal world, the hemp used for your CBD flower will be organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. This will give a cleaner safer product that’s better for you and the environment. That’s not to say there’s any problems with the plants being given some help to grow, such as nitrogen being added to the soil, but ideally you want a naturally grown strain. Which all of ours are

Lab testing:

Contrary to popular belief, lab testing isn’t some magical piece of paper that proves your flower is what the lab report says. They are easily doctored by some unscrupulous companies, not to mention that some flowers get renamed to make them more marketable which means the name on the lab report may not be the name that the shop has called the flower. This isn’t anything nefarious, just a marketing tactic

Personal Preference

Everyone has their opinions on what the best CBD buds are, but at the end of the day your personal preferences play a bigger part in what you might naturally gravitate too

Smokable vs. vaporizable

The great debate, smoking vs vaping. Whilst CBD doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that cigarettes do, that doesn’t mean that smoking is healthy. You’re still combusting and with that comes smoke. We would always recommend that if you’re going to “smoke” CBD, that you vape it. Vaping your CBD flower is way more flavourful than smoking. The lower temperatures that you vape at mean that you don’t combust things like terpenes as easily. You’ll find that those flavours you see on descriptions really come out when you vape them. A second benefit of vaping CBD Flower is that you can keep the vaped bud and use it to make things like CBD butter and even tea as the bud has already been decarbed by vaping it. 

Bud structure

This is another one of those personal preferences, it doesn't affect its effects, it’s more about the experience of breaking it apart. Some prefer a dense tightly packed bud, whilst others prefer loose fluffy buds. Again this is all personal preference and generally doesn’t have an effect on the end outcome


The appearance of CBD flowers can vary greatly depending on factors such as strain, growing conditions, and storage methods. While beauty is subjective, taking note of colour variations, trichome coverage, and overall appearance can help gauge quality and appeal to your sense of visual enjoyment.

By combining all these factors - considering cannabinoid levels, terpene profiles, quality indicators, and personal preferences - you're well on your way to finding the perfect CBD flower for your unique needs and tastes. With thorough research, thoughtful consideration, and a bit of trial and error, discovering the best bud is just within reach.

The way your CBD flower looks can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as growing method, storage method, where it was grown and strain. Whilst looks aren’t everything, taking note of colour, trichome and general appearance can help gauge the quality. 

Combining all these factors with CBD levels, terp profiles, quality and personal preference mean you’re on your way to find the best strain for yourself. 

Final thought

The CBD flower world can be a confusing one, here at High N Supply we are committed to providing the best CBD experience for all of our customers. If you’re confused where to start, please do get in touch and we will guide you through the CBD jungle. We stock some of the best CBD Flowers in the UK, pop on over to our shop to see our selection

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