Mr Nice - 12.72% CBD Review by BirminghamCBD - HighNSupply

Mr Nice - 12.72% CBD Review by BirminghamCBD

Mr nice - Highnsupply

Firstly a massive thank you to the team at highnsupply for sending out two strains to sample.

First off we have mr nice and straight off from the looks of this bud you’re greeted with bright green dense nugs with light purple hues with some lovely orange pistils coming through. The bud has a lovely coating of trichomes that flicker off the reflection of a light.

The smell on this bud is a lovely fruity berry scent with slight undertones of citrusy lemon not too strong. Once you’ve ground some of this up you get that instant berry hit to your nose and can taste it on your lips/tongue which leads us to the taste. The taste on this again that berry citrus fruit just takes over on the inhale and exhale. Leaves a lovely fruit taste in your mouth.

The affects of this strain come down to its genetics of being a heavy indica dominant and boy can you tell it is by the way it’s got me relaxed and sank into my chair, the heavy eyes are slowly coming and can feel the anxiety and pain from my back easing away.

Overall I would give this strain a solid 10/10 and will definitely be getting more soon! Another big thanks to highnsupply for this opportunity don’t forget to save 15% with code “Birminghamcbd”.


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