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HHC Pre Rolls

Ever heard of HHC pre-rolls? If you're into CBD products, you might want to give these a try. HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol, a cousin of the famous THC in marijuana. Think of HHC as THC's chilled-out relative - it's got a similar vibe but with its own unique twist.

Here's the scoop: scientists take THC from hemp plants and add hydrogen to it. This little chemistry magic turns it into HHC. Now, imagine your favourite hemp flower, with this HHC goodness added. Roll it up and voila! You've got an HHC pre-roll, ready to light up whenever you feel like it.

So, what's the buzz about HHC? Users say it gives you that euphoric, relaxed feeling, maybe even soothing some aches and pains. But here's the cool part - many find HHC gives a smoother, less anxious feeling compared to THC. It's like getting the perks without as the paranoia!

Disclaimer: Please be safe when using HHC as this is new and there is less research when compared to CBD