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Wedding Cake 22.6% CBD review by TheCBDG

Wedding Cake 22.6% CBD 
<0.2% THC by @highnsupply_ product review

I want to start by saying a big thank you to @highnsupply_ for sending this out for me to review🙏🏽💚

Let’s start with the looks, small and dense nugs, light green in colour with very nice trichome coverage and a few orange pistils. The buds are cured nicely too.

Coming on to the smell, you get an earthy smell with a peppery undertone and an ever so slight bit of sweetness.

The taste on this one is really quite nice you get an earthy inhale with a nice sweet almost vanilla exhale really nice mix of flavours which really made it an very enjoyable smoke.

Now the effects are really nice and strong, it really just chills you out relieving all your stress and anxiety this one is more of a night time smoke for me as I felt just the urge to not do anything and just relax.

All in all I really enjoyed smoking this strain and I would give it a 9/10 definitely not one to miss out on!!

Head on over to @highnsupply_ and pick some up before it’s too late and use code CBDG for a discount!
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