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HHC Lemon haze hash 30% HHC

HHC Lemon haze hash 30% HHC

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Lemon Haze HHC 30% This resin contains HHC with a very high level of HHC 9r. This is a lesser-known molecule in the cannabis plant, as it is less present in the plant itself. It is no less effective than CBD.

HHC resin is ideal for relieving severe pain, such as that caused by illnesses like fibromyalgia, or acute menstrual or back pain.

HHC hash can also be used for recreational purposes, thanks to the effects of HHC, which are similar to those of THC, but unlike THC you remain completely lucid.

HHC resin creates a certain euphoric effect, improves your mood, relieves pain and helps you relax.

In general, the HHC resin has many therapeutic properties to improve your overall mental and physical state:

  • Relaxing effects 
  • Relieves pain 
  • Reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increases the quality of your sleep 
  • Significantly improves mood
  • Helps relieve acute pain associated with illnesses
  • Improves concentration and memory

Total Cannabinoids: 38.41%

Total CBD: 38.21%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.00%
Strain Genetics: Clementine & Purple Punch.
Quality: Top Shelf
Grow Method: Organic Indoor Grow

The Law:

This is a completely organic product with no GMO and no pesticides added. Our CBD flowers are 100% legal in the EU and UK and are 100% hemp, derived from the highest quality plant strains. The flowers are bred to yield higher CBD levels and the lowest possible ratio of THC contents.

All of our hemp products have less than 0.2% THC, making them legal in any EU country and the UK. Our flowers offer no psychoactive effects. Hemp is not Cannabis.

These products are sold strictly as potpourri and display items. Not for human consumption.

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