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LTD Edition Strawberry Banana HHC Disposable Vape 1g

LTD Edition Strawberry Banana HHC Disposable Vape 1g

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Number of pens
Flavour: Strawberry Banana

Tank Volume: 1.0mL
Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Dimensions (mm): 79H x 36W X 13D
Clog-free dual air vents
Inhale activated
***Please note, the colour of the disposable may vary***

HHC disposables contain the potent cannabinoid HHC. HHC has been stated by users to give a huge feeling of body relaxation. With 0% THC and a potent 90% HHC Distillate blended with 10% Natural Terpenes, these pens are ready to use for an instant, flavourful experience. We suggest starting with 2-3 puffs and waiting 10 minutes to adjust for tolerance.

The effects of HHC is a much more uplifting effect that gives you a functional calming buzz. These vapes are rechargeable using a USB C cable (not included)

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