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Shake - 19.03% CBD

Shake - 19.03% CBD

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Shake - 19.03% CBD

This shake contains bottom-of-the-batch tiny buds, perfect for those seeking the same effects as our premium flowers but in a smaller, finer form. Please note that while purchasing, you won't receive buds, as the price reflects the visual quality. However, rest assured, the effects remain exactly the same as any premium CBD flower in UK.

Total Cannabinoids: 19.23%

Total CBD: 19.03%

Delta 9 THC*: 0.2%

Strain Genetics: Mixed

Quality: Top Shelf CBD Flower in UK

Grow Method: Organic Indoor Grow

Hemp is not cannabis.

Our CBD flower shops in London, Manchester and elsewhere in the UK sell products that adhere strictly to the law. Our CBD flowers in UK are completely organic, with no GMOs or added pesticides and offer no psychoactive effects. Bred to yield higher CBD levels and minimal THC content, these hemp flowers in UK contain less than 0.2% THC, ensuring legality across the EU and UK.

Browse through our collection for the best CBD flowers the UK has to offer. Order now and enjoy convenient next day delivery!

These products are sold strictly as potpourri and display items. Not for human consumption.


  1. What is CBD shake, and how does it differ from regular CBD flowers in UK?

Ans: CBD shake is a mixture of trim material from premium indoor flowers, while a regular CBD flower consists of intact buds. The shake may contain small nugs, sugar leaves, pollen, and stalks. It doesn’t require the intensive crushing ritual but offers the same experience as any top-shelf CBD flower in UK.

  1. How do people typically use CBD shake?

Ans: CBD shake is commonly smoked or vaped, offering immediate effects similar to intact CBD flowers. It can also be used in cooking to create CBD-infused edibles or extracted to make concentrates for various applications.

  1. Which is a safer way to use CBD shake smoking or vaping?

Ans: While inhaling CBD provides rapid absorption, it's essential to note that smoking can increase the risk of bronchitis. Vaping is generally considered a healthier alternative as it avoids combustion.

  1. What are the benefits of cooking with CBD shake?

Ans: CBD shake is an economical choice for making CBD-infused edibles, containing essential cannabis compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fats. Using shake for cooking eliminates the need to buy intact CBD flowers in UK, saving you money.

  1. How can CBD shake be used as a tobacco replacement?

Ans: CBD shake offers an alternative to tobacco in hemp smoking, providing a cheaper option that can cut the flavour of regular hemp. It's also less carcinogenic than tobacco, reducing the risk of cancer associated with smoking.

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